Kaleidoscope School offers children a time of learning through experience. Kaleidoscope School recognises the importance of a well-rounded education for our children during the formative years so their learning is individualized and stimulates needs for growth on all levels, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

The children from age three up to Grade R are taught using the internationally-recognised Montessori system, which sets an excellent foundation for numeracy and literacy skills, as well as nurturing self-confidence and independence in the children.

Impaq (Pty) Ltd provides a comprehensive curriculum in a choice of English or Afrikaans, for pupils from Grade R to 12. The curriculum is in line with the GDE requirements, based on the CAPS system, with additional curriculum development by a team of specialists at Impaq Head Office. The focus is on individual learning styles and needs of pupils in a small class setting.

Various themes are covered throughout the year, including plants, animals, humans, transport, technology and the earth and solar system. Outings are arranged once a term to various places, complementing the current theme covered.

Children are stimulated through creative play, rhythm and themes, creative crafts and stories. Emphasis is placed on left and right brain integration, social skills, fine motor development, life skills for lifelong learning, and cultivation of basic skills. The curriculum seeks to achieve a balance between spiritual, moral, social, academic and physical development.

The pre-primary children are well prepared for the challenges that await them in primary school. The Montessori equipment provides a concrete foundation for aspects of the CAPS curriculum. The Impaq curriculum is used from Grade R to 12. The classes are small, no more than 15 pupils per teacher, ensuring each child receives individual attention and nurturing.

Stories with a moral nature are read to all age groups. Children are given self-research projects to aid their love of learning. There is a very well stocked library with books for all interests and all ages.

The children leave after Grade 12 with the ability to set a fine example to others, an ability they learn from the caring, committed, warm environment throughout their schooling, confident in their ability to work on their own, do research and study, to further their education at university or college.